• Max Burt

FRIDAY FINDS | 26.03.21

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Our first Friday Finds of 2021!

We're back with three new tracks from Tomode, Tara Noble and Nik Dandelion; two of which released this very day.

Tomode - 'Golden Retriever'

Swedish disco duo Tomode are back today with their third single 'Golden Retriever' - a hefty dose of much-needed optimism, set against a sparkling 80s-inspired soundtrack.

"I'm a believer like a golden retriever!" - you'll be belting this line around your house all day today! This immensely catchy track is Tomode's final single leading up to their debut EP, wherein you'll find an array of glistening nostalgic tunes and feelgood dancers. Check out Vigg's (the good boy on the left) colourful journey in 'Golden Retriever's music video here.

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Tara Noble - 'Feel Better'

Continuing the theme of optimism, Tara Noble presents the desire to 'Feel Better' in this debut single.

On the week of the UK's lockdown anniversary, most of us are looking for the end of this road - a euphoria that dances somewhere between desperation and true hope. Tara Noble articulates this feeling fantastically, upon an expressive alt-pop background, complimented by danceable synth pulses and ethereal distant vocals. With the quality of this first release, I can't wait to see where else this year takes her.

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Nik Dandelion - 'Circles'

German bedroom pop (though so much more than just 'bedroom pop') artist Nik Dandelion has today released his second single 'Circles'.

God damn, I love this track. It is so utterly perfect for that Spring to Summer warmth that tentatively comes our way, invoking nostalgic memories of sunny evenings with friends and chilled-out romances. The assembly and production of 'Circles' is phenomenal, not only in enhancing the aforementioned vibe, but in creating such a smooth, catchy sound, even alongside the intriguing irregular rhythm of the track's outro. Show Nik some love, and tell him Scary Canary sent ya.

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