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FRIDAY FINDS: 24-09-21

We've got a pretty sweet collection of tracks for you today, from bubblegum pop all the way through to alt-rock, jazz-folk and good ol' fashioned R&B. Thanks to Nicky Buell, The Ruby Tuesdays, The Letter Elle, and Bay Bryan for the music!

Nicky Buell - Boy Crazy

To quote the Addams Family,"Nicky's at that very special age when a boy only has one thing on his mind..."

No, not homicide - boys! Seattle's Nicky Buell establishes himself within the LGBTQ+ pop scene with catchy new single 'Boy Crazy', complete with an official music video directed by Giiirlbandproductions. A Pop King in the making!

Discover on 'Scary Canary: Pop Rising'.

Perfect for: cleaning frenzies, carpool karaoke

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The Ruby Tuesdays - Man of the People

Gritty Blackburn indie-rockers release their raucous new single, 'Man of the People'.

Fans of Fontaines D.C. and Royal Blood will love The Ruby Tuesdays. Their new single is everything you could want from a modern UK rock band; a love letter to their hometown, and a criticism of the government's lack of support for communities in the North of England.

Discover on 'Scary Canary: Alt Rising' and 'Top of the Bops'.

Perfect for: casting aspersions at Tory MPs

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The Letter Elle - Don't Have the Time x

R&B meets Pop for The Letter Elle's latest single 'Don't Have the Time x'.

Chock full of sass and empowerment, this track came about after the Australian vocalist and producer received a (sadly fairly standard) music industry rejection. Elle channeled her frustration into song, and hopes that it will help women to take up all the space they need in their careers.

Discover on 'Scary Canary: Pop Rising'.

Perfect for: summoning some Girl Power

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Bay Bryan - Let Go

Manchester-based Bay Bryan (originally from Colorado) has just released his jazzy, folky new single 'Let Go'.

Their accompanying cover art is just as stunning as the music and as unique as Bay's vocal tones; 'Let Go' conjures images of elegant beings frolicking in fallen Autumn leaves. Wholesome, and smooth as anything.

Discover on 'Scary Canary: Indie Rising' and 'Top of the Bops'.

Perfect for: dinner parties, park picnics

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