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FRIDAY FINDS | 24.09.20

We have returned!

I bring fridge magnets and other such corny Cornish souvenirs as inappropriate apology gifts for making you wait so long for this week’s Friday Finds. Today we feature the recent releases of Bukky, Megan Lara Mae, Beckah Amani, Junodream and Sianon – a plethora of new and exciting artists whose music I have been aching to tell you about.

BUKKY – There Is Rice At Home (EP)

Recently papped whilst busking outside a Tooting train station, videos of Bukky’s immaculate performance have been drifting around the Twitterscape – user @StarOneUK captioned the footage with a desperate plea to help locate the mysterious busker on social media. Now found (although Bukky argues she was never lost in the first place), we are directed to her self-written and self-produced debut EP There Is Rice At Home.

Easily one of the most exciting EPs to have been released since the beginning of lockdown, it features three tracks that sound like nothing you have ever heard before. Unfailingly authentic, each song details a different corner of Bukky’s psyche with charm, wit and poignancy at the core of her songwriting.

Catch Bukky’s live performance from Under The Bridge here (skip to 1:19:57), and be sure to give her a follow on the links below.

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Megan Lara Mae – “Alright”

Choppy vocal samples and four-to-the-floor beats set the tone for Megan Lara Mae’s brooding new single “Alright”, a personal vent of the songwriter’s feelings towards letting go as you’re growing up. BBC Introducing have described Megan Lara Mae as a modern day Kate Bush, and she continues to push the boundaries of pop music with her immensely strong vocals against a backdrop of raw and almost industrial-sounding production.

Follow this talented Birmingham-born, Brighton-based artist’s journey on social media:

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Beckah Amani – “Standards”

The Gold Coast’s own Beckah Amani has released her new single “Standards”, continuing the conversation around the Black Lives Matter movement by offering her experience of growing up as an immigrant in Australia. “Standards” is equal parts touching and heartbreaking, telling the story of a young girl who was told to straighten her hair, to code-switch in order to survive as a Black woman in White spaces, and to ultimately be unable to express her heritage for fear of racist harassment.

Beckah encourages fellow POC to be unapologetic in the expression of themselves in this heartfelt ode to strength and perseverance, and to no longer lower their standards in order to be deemed worthy in a racist society.

You can further Beckah Amani’s message by spreading the word on social media…

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Junodream – “Easy Life”

Being named one of The Independent’s top artists to listen to in 2020 is a big flex from the safe and capable biceps of Junodream, and they live up to every standard set in their first release of the year, “Easy Life”. I imagine life has got substantially more difficult in the time that has passed since the track’s inception, and the name of the song has aged like milk (thanks a bunch, Bojo), but the sentiment remains the same;

“Social exhaustion and anxiety can drive people online and there’s a safety in doing that, although you can inadvertently alienate yourself from the real world. You put on a different skin online and easy validation will follow if you’re willing to betray reality”.

The band are compared to Blur, Coldplay and Pink Floyd by Clash and Sunday Times Culture – “Easy Life” is a must-listen.

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Sianon – “Make Me Jealous”

We wrap up today’s Friday Finds with a big ol’ pop banger from Brighton artist Sianon. “Make Me Jealous” is a heart-on-sleeve account of…well…wanting to make someone jealous. Sianon’s relatable lyrics are a comfort to all of us who have been stuck in the local nightclub with an ex and their new flame, and the painfully silly games that are played in the plight to relive days gone by.

You can’t beat great pop, and “Make Me Jealous” is just that! Add it to your weekend playlists for a roaring good dance sesh.

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