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FRIDAY FINDS || 24.07.2020

Where do the weeks go?

Do they squeeze themselves through a tiny crack in the proverbial window like a fly, and bash against the glass pane for seven days before finally finding the door at the weekend? Or do they shrivel back into themselves like my (currently very peaky-looking) lily plant will, whilst I’m away from home and therefore un-watering until August? Who knows? Time in lockdown is a shrinking violet. It’s shy and scared of everything, and it escapes us. I suppose it’s a bloody good thing, then, to have Friday Finds anchor us to a routine until normality is restored!

No further rambling from me. Here’s Scary’s top Friday Finds…

MarthaGunn – “Caught Up & Confused”

I know I keep banging on about it, but there was no way I was going to leave MarthaGunn off my Friday Finds. Even if I am a while late to the party…

Just listen, you’re gonna love it.

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Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue – “Wasted On You”

London based Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue have unveiled their quirky new single “Wasted On You”. It’s the most alternative pop you can get, with jazzy moments, crazy samples and non-linear storytelling making up just some of the unusual backdrop to this funky new outlook on a genre we thought we knew and loved.

Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue are switching it up, and we love it!

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k_anti – go outside and meet your love EP

Thank f*ck for k_anti! Here is a young artist that doesn’t play by the rulebook; the music industry is always in dire need of somebody to colour outside of the lines, and the new genre-defying project of London-based songwriter k_anti does just that. The go outside and meet your love EP is comprised of five short songs (the whole EP comes in at just over eight minutes), each seamlessly morphing into the next, lo-fi in its sound, yet defiant and polished with the sheen of k_anti’s overwhelming authenticity.

Chock-full of home truths and wonderfully languid vocal hooks, go outside and meet your love is a must-listen.

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Novelty Island – “The Desperately Strange”

This brilliantly absurd music video sees Novelty Island superimpose themselves onto a world of notable television drinking holes – chats with Moe Syzslak and cameo in Friends’ Central Perk included. “The Desperately Strange” appears to be the name of a (metaphorical) pub where Novelty Island drink themselves into a stupor.

Retro, tongue-in-cheek and a hell of a lot of fun – you’ll just have to listen…

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Ten Hands High – “6 Weeks”

Easygoing, clever and clean indie-pop. I’m always here for it, and Ten Hands High have got the goods! Their new single “6 Weeks” tells the story of a relationship stuck somewhere between a Summer fling and the real deal, written from their less-than-glamorous Leeds uni house a little while ago. Ten Hands High have big plans, so be sure to keep up with them as they set off for world domination, full steam ahead…

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