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FRIDAY FINDS: 19-11-2021

Skymachine - Times Like These

Alt-pop artist Skymachine releases nostalgic, synth-based single 'Times Like These'.

Featuring peppy riffs and uplifting lyrics, this new track was inspired by last year's general global unrest and Jack Kerouac's writing. Skymachine puts a positive spin on dark times, explaining that life is beautiful because of its trials.

Discover on 'Scary Canary: Indie Rising'

Perfect for: walking home on Saturday night

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Mother Culture - Drawing By Design

The Melbourne-based duo release their new single 'Drawing By Design', a fuzzy, high-energy indie-pop hit.

Mother Culture's sound is impressively thicc (with two 'c's) and full-bodied considering that its origin is the pair's low-key home studio, where they prefer to do *everything* themselves. A bloody good love-gone-wrong-song.

Discover on 'Scary Canary: Indie Rising'.

Perfect for: adding some spice to the daily chores.

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GIYA - Upside Down

Folks, I don't really know what to tell you - here's what GIYA had to say about her own song: "You may like this if you are a fan of jazz, pop, hip hop and ketamine."

Yup, yup, I can hear it... The vehemently independent artist's sound is laid-back and soulful as she tackles generational escapism through drugs, alcohol, and general debauchery.

Discover on 'Scary Canary: Indie Rising'.

Perfect for: sampling a touch of horse tranquiliser

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Nevin - Backseat Show

And just like that, it's time to take drug abuse seriously again. Amsterdam-based Nevin describes how it feels to watch the world go by whilst incapacitated in the new single 'Backseat Show'.

Abstract lyrics, ambient guitars, and crunchy sound effects make for a disconcerting and unique sound that certainly won't sober you up.

Discover on 'Scary Canary: Alt Rising'.

Perfect for: doomy hangover days

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Peak Low - Caught In The Middle

Twinkling synths meet deep and percussive basslines in Peak Low's latest single 'Caught In The Middle'.

Peak Low's story is fascinating - born into a Jehovah's Witness family, he walked away from the church after 25 years. Now focusing on his music, he has earned fans in Huw Stephens, Steve Lamacq, and many more indie lovers globally.

Discover on 'Indie Rising' and 'Top of the Bops'

Perfect for: a weekend mood-booster

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Minas - Foreign

Fans of King Krule and Sleaford Mods will enjoy Minas' latest offering, 'Foreign'.

A low-key four to the floor beat locks down synthesizer hits in the new single, also featuring Minas' gritty vocals which express frustration at society. Taking particular aim at people who can't get their priorities straight, Minas also describes how it feels to be on the outside looking in.

Discover on 'Scary Canary: Alt Rising'.

Perfect for: angry bus journeys...?

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Michael Ransom - Foxes

Michael Ransom's latest single 'Foxes' suggests that he cares much more than he'd like you to think.

A man of few words (referring to a very sparsely populated press release), Ransom describes his sound as influenced by 'everything'; 'simple, honest and layered', whilst his lyrics describe the feeling of a dwindling spark between two people.

Discover on 'Scary Canary: Indie Rising'.

Perfect for: sleepy nights in.

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