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FRIDAY FINDS || 16.07.2020

Ah, here we are!

The umpteenth Friday of lockdown, where nothing’s certain but bloody good music. If our time spent inside has served no other purpose (besides to protect the human race from a deadly virus, #wearyourmask) it has at least given our dearest songwriters some fascinating new concepts to experiment with, and ample time to pour over their newly adopted DIY recording techniques. It has also provided me with enough (read: too much) spare time to set up a music blog so that I no longer feel the need to stand in front of a mirror and voice carefully formulated opinions to myself on the subject of other people’s music.

My Friday Finds this week are courtesy of the wonderful Em George, Bay Trees, Tomode, Saint Saviour and Dean Knill. I only ask that you sit back and bask in the glory of these talented artists, then give them a follow on their social media if they catch your ear. Happy listening...

Em George – Wolves EP

If you’re big into your 60s and 70s songwriters, you’ll be a big fan of Em George too. She tackles tricky subjects with grace, decorum and bucketloads of songwriting talent – I actually spoke with her about this new release over on Turtle Tempo, go have a gander!

Find Em George on Instagram and Facebook.

Baytrees – “Falling In Love”

How could you not fall in love with Baytrees’ latest single? It’s everything you could ask for – gritty, soulful and chock-full of catchy hooks.

Band members Mensah, Kwame, Marcus and Cujoe between them have supported the likes of The Sex Pistols, Kano and The Rolling Stones, and now it’s their time to take over the world…

Find Baytrees on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Tomode – “Destiny No. 20”

Disco, disco! Tomode are so bloody funky, I just couldn’t resist. A great choice for your Friday night playlists, if you ask me. Or even if you don’t ask me, it’d be a wise decision to hop on board the Tomode train before it takes off at a million miles per hour. Not only do Carl Leanderson and Viktor Westerberg have the best names in indie pop, they also have the best hair. And really cool artwork. See for yourself…

Find Tomode on Instagram and Facebook.

Saint Saviour – “Home” ft. Bill Ryder Jones

“Home” is a little bit of peace and quiet for your morning coffee. If you love this, you’ll want to do a bit of catching up on Saint Saviour’s other recent releases, too. You shan’t be disappointed…

Find Saint Saviour on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Dean Knill – “Butterflies & Warning Signs”

Pop music at its best. There, I said it! Dean Knill is the pillar of his indie-pop community, and he leads by example with new single “Butterflies & Warning Signs”. It’s the tune we didn’t know we needed. A hot serving of home-cooked bangers n’ mash in a world of tepid canned spam. A DHL next-day signed-for reasonably-priced postage guarantee in the time of overpriced Hermes failed delivery attempts. See also: ruddy good.

Find Dean Knill on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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