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FRIDAY FINDS: 12-11-2021

Gabrielle Ornate - Rewrite the Rules

Check out the prog-rock guitar riffs that rip through the intro on Gabrielle Ornate's new single!

'Rewrite the Rules' is a declaration of empowerment; anthemic, powerful, and chock full of Ornate's signature mythological imagery. She follows her own path, with her psychedelic sound in tow.

Discover on 'Scary Canary: Indie Rising'

Perfect for: a morning morale boost

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Fonteray - Flash of Colour (Michael Belsar Remix)

Fonteray's original version of 'Flash of Colour' was featured on our Friday Finds a few weeks ago, but now we present to you the Michael Belsar remix!

Belsar - who co-produced the original version with Fonteray - splices the track's original electronic-indie sounds, and reconfigures it into an evocative Deep House record. This one is a real crowd-pleaser.

Discover on 'Scary Canary: Alt Rising'

Perfect for: pre-drinks with friends

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Madison Deaver - C U in HELL

Madison Deaver brings new meaning to being the 'main character' with heavy and sultry new rock-pop single 'C U in HELL'.

The LA artist takes a refreshing stance on vengeful post-breakup songs, with 'C U in HELL' specifically addressing her growth over the past year, and her newfound ability to fire back at nasty comments from nasty exes.

Discover on 'Scary Canary: Pop Rising'

Perfect for: yell-singing in the car

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Robert Baxter - Tamagotchi

Independent, Queer, and Eurasian artist Robert Baxter has released his new single 'Tamagotchi', written about feeling abandoned like a 00s toy in the attic.

Creative songwriting meets current electronic pop sounds in model and musician Baxter's music, designed to resonate with the young and bored gamers out there - fun!

Discover on 'Scary Canary: Pop Rising'

Perfect for: driving through the city at night

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The Hilder - Give It Time

Yorkshire three-piece The Hilder have released their second single 'Give It Time', matching the energy of their prior release and building further upon their signature sound.

Guitars and synths make up catchy riffs and melodies, placing The Hilder securely in the world of indie-rock alongside The Vaccines, Bombay Bicycle Club and Young Kato.

Discover on 'Scary Canary: Indie Rising'

Perfect for: dinner parties with friends

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