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FRIDAY FINDS | 09.10.20

In a week where Rishi condemned artists to retrain…

…let’s celebrate the hard graft of five brilliant artists who are creating the music we’d wither and crumble without. It doesn’t make a difference which way you look at it; music is the backbone of our otherwise invertebrate society.

Sharky – “Tenerife”

Sharky does some serious mum-appreciating in the quirky single “Tenerife”, a bassy, funky, experimental tune brought to life by the artist’s ethereal vocal. “I feel proud of how far my Mum has come and how in tune with herself she has learnt to become. I wrote this song to tell her how grateful I am, it is a love song,” Sharky explains. Catch her latest EP, Love and Ownership, on vinyl via Bandcamp.

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Tom Welsh – “Dreams of Yesterdays”

Tom Welsh’s single is a big ol’ dose of nostalgia, both in sound and sentiment. Ten years spent hiding his talents away from the world have resulted in this songwriter emerging from his chrysalis a worldly artist with a sophisticated ear for production. “Dreams of Yesterdays”, although only two-minutes-thirty in duration, is anything but short of soul…

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SOUP! – “All To Myself” (ft. Meredith Adelaide)

In true Radio 6 style, we’re jumping from singer-songwriter to Italo-Brit Experimental Electronica with the weird and wonderfully catchy “All To Myself”, care of SOUP! and Meredith Adelaide. Think Goldfrapp on a tab of acid. “All To Myself” features screwy, twisted samples and sweeping synths against breakbeat drums and Meredith’s sweet-as-pie vocal.

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Telemarkk – “Washed Up”

Telemarkk are appealing to my escapist urges this week with brand new single “Washed Up”. Glittery synths sit against layered vocals (think: M83, Friendly Fires) to make a dancefloor anthem, perfect for a responsibly distanced Saturday night bash (with no more than five other people). The Southampton duo explain, “‘Washed Up’ is about cherishing time and moments with someone until they’re gone.” N’aww.

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Andrew Farrell – “Blue Skies”

Raspy vocals and melodic guitar make up the new single from Manchester’s Andrew Farrell. “Blue Skies” is a sit-back-n’-chill reflection of life; “about accepting that reality might not live up to your dreams, recognising not everything is within your control and not letting things get on top of you”. If you’re looking for something easy on the ear, “Blue Skies” is the perfect remedy to your tension.

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