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FRIDAY FINDS || 07.08.2020

Somebody pass the frozen peas…

Whew! It’s a scorcher. No, not the weather – although yes, that too – I’m talking about every song on this list this week. Scorchers. It’s a little late in the day so I’ll let you enjoy my new favourites without further ado…

Palo G – “FMS”

The ‘Spanish Gentlewoman’ releases poetic new single “FMS”, two minutes of serene guitar samples and expert lyricism. Palo G ponders life’s biggest questions; what happens when loss affects a relationship, or when a loved one passes away? Expect a brilliantly executed existential crisis in the form of song!

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Video Age – “Blushing”

“Blushing” is the brand new single from New Orleans alternative indie-pop outfit Video Age. It’s nostalgic, it’s warm, it’s everything you want for your weekend listening. Just stick on the accompanying music video, grab a cold cider…aaaand, unwind. It even features a saucy fade-out…

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Oli Hannaford, Scarlett Fae – “Better”

Scarlett Fae provides the silky smooth vocals on Oli Hannaford’s easygoing new single “Better”. The two have been working tirelessly throughout lockdown to bring these lush new sounds to the table, so show them a lot of love by sticking the new single on repeat and getting a bit thoughtful to their introspective lyrical musings…

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Mega – “Let Me Let You Go”

The North London songstress’s new single is likely to be stuck in your head for the entire weekend. It follows up on her debut, “Chariot”, which garnered an impressive four million streams, and “Let Me Let You Go” is likely to head the same way with its catchy melodies and Mega’s – well, mega voice. Once you start listening, you won’t be able to stop…

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GRAE – “2725”

Doom-pop meets alternative indie to create a sound you’ve never heard of before – GRAE’s new EP is a tour de force. I suppose you could say it’s GRAET…anyone? “2725” presents a real mix of old-school and futuristic songwriting and production techniques, and we’re here for it. Check it out below…

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