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FRIDAY FINDS: 07-01-22

The first Friday Finds of 2022! We're starting the new year off right.


I always knew Witchouse would make a comeback in some form or another. Mainz duo SHEEBABA have teamed up with SSMMÜTT for a danceable reimagination of their genre-bending single 'Violet'.

Eliott Eccho and Prof Costello's sound is described as 'noise, poetry and drum loops', with this remix turning their sound just a shade closer to Dark Wave than the original. The pair entrusted their friend Rob Mirolo with free reign over their work - a smart decision if ever I heard one - and the outcome is pleasingly dark, glitchy and chaotic.

If you're looking to venture into a genre you've never heard before, this track has your name on it.

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Luna Keller - No Man's Land

Released on New Year's Day, Luna Keller's new single 'No Man's Land' carries with it a sense of hopefulness and resolve.

Rather impressively penned when Luna was only fifteen years old, the Cologne-based Folk Pop artist revisits the song with brand new eyes (or ears, perhaps) it hopes that it might reassure others as much as it has provided comfort for her.

Recorded in her father's home studio, there is a sense of warmth and vulnerability to this single that you'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

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SNAYX - Cigarette

SNAYX are sounding ferocious in their first single of 2022. Already endorsed by Jack Saunders at Radio 1, you just know their brand new release 'Cigarette' is going to hit hard.

The Brighton alt-rock duo, comprised of Charlie Herridge and Ollie Horner, formed in 2018, and have since built a legion of fans nationally and beyond with their riff-heavy, punchy and unapologetic sound.

'Cigarette' is inspired by the addiction to someone who is no good for your general wellbeing, whilst trying to kick the habit.

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