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FRIDAY FINDS: 03-09-21

A hefty instalment of new music this week, ranging genres from hip-hop to indie-pop to psych-rock! The tracks below are courtesy of JV/ZUU, Fonteray, Alex Slay, Lou Ella, Kate Brunotts and PLEASURE CENTRE.


"Get your boss on the telephone, tell him you quit!" 😤😤😤

Start your Friday strong with 'TELEPHONE' by London's own JV/ZUU. Complete with a fantastic music video and a sale of digital artwork NFTs (I dunno, ask your techy teenage cousin...), JV/ZUU are fully prepared to hit the big-time.

Discover on 'Scary Canary: Pop Rising' and 'Top of the Bops'.

Perfect for: pre-gaming, gym motivation.

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Fonteray - Flash Of Colour

More feel-good weekend vibes from Fonteray (Drew McCarty), hailing from Australia 🎉

Your new favourite disco-inspired psychedelic pop track is just the other side of that 'play' button - click it! This track is all about finding a positive shift in your mid-to-late twenties. Gimme some of that...

Discover on 'Scary Canary: Indie Rising'.

Perfect for: weekend roadtrips, barbecues and late Summer evenings.

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Alex Slay - Deep End

Sometimes you just need to chill at the end of a rough week - Alex Slay has you do just that with new single 'Deep End'.

Indie-pop meets R&B in this laidback track, featuring some seriously impressive vocals. This track is LA through and through - the artist lets the glamorous side of his home city inspire him.

Discover on 'Scary Canary: Pop Rising'.

Perfect for: putting your feet up, having dinner with mates.

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Lou Ella - Clown

Lou Ella, also of Los Angeles, has released her latest indie-pop single 'Clown' - this one discusses societal obligations, and being tired of giving a shit about them. I hear ya!

In collaboration with other artists, Lou Ella is also launching a collective to support fellow DIY artists in their endeavours - she's an ethical businesswoman, honeeyyyy.

Discover on 'Scary Canary: Pop Rising'.

Perfect for: being in your feelings.

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Kate Brunotts - Projections

Kate is our art-pop queen here at Scary Canary - nobody else looks set to take that crown just yet, as she releases 'messy and imposing' new single 'Projections'.

You know when you can't quite put your finger on what you're feeling, but you know it's a good feeling? That's what Kate Brunotts conveys perfectly here. Have a listen...

Discover on 'Scary Canary: Alt Rising'.

Perfect for: existential crises, acid trips.

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I think it's safe to say that PLEASURE CENTRE is the best shoegaze outfit to have come out of Scarborough. Not that I have seen many, but my point stands. If they keep going this way, they'll be on track for world domination...

'Opener' is gritty, thrashy, and ethereal all at once. This band of four are well and truly bringing the noise (and the noise is very, very good).

Discover on 'Scary Canary: Alt Rising'.

Perfect for: smashing up your ex's belongings.

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