Psst! Here's the dirty lowdown on Scary Canary...

W H O ?

Most of the time, Marnie Burt; printmaker, songwriter, social media manager, and editor. Sometimes her brother, Max Burt - a skilled author in his own right.

W H A T ?

Scary Canary Club is a music blog (and artist community-to-be) that specialises in showcasing the very best of independent and unsigned music.

W H E R E ?

We are based in South West London, but cover music from all over the globe.

W H Y ?

Because we live and breathe music, d'uh! Plus, there's a certain kind of thrill attached to being *the* person people come to for new music recommendations...

W H E N ?

Our Lead Editor, Marnie, set up Scary Canary Club during one of the UK's many 2020 Covid lockdowns.

H O W ?

We source the grand majority of the music we cover via Musosoup, and are proud to be a part of their #SustainableCurator campaign. You can read more about that here.


P.S. If you're thinking of submitting, please do so via Musosoup! We get way too many emails - plus, Musosoup is a much more efficient way to reach hundreds more curators. Sign up via this link.

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